Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I've Been Deceived!

The Deception Perception

Without a doubt, people would rather do
business with someone they know, like, and
trust. Credibility is critical. This is especially
true conducting business on the internet where
people never actually meet face to face. Building
a sense of trust with your customers takes time.
And, it’s one of your most valuable assets.

I recently had the opportunity to hear a well known
internet marketer speak. It was a great presentation,
chock full of all sorts of useful tips. I was very
impressed with all he had to say so I went to his
website and signed up for his newsletter.

He sent me an email (by autoresponder, of course)
saying he had set up a special call for his newest
subscribers to give us more great tips. All we had
to do was dial in at a certain time for a teleseminar.
He sent me a followup email reminding me and saying
again how much he appreciated having me on his list.
He looked forward to having me on the call.
So Far, So Good.

Last night, I dialed in at the scheduled time. The
gentleman came on and said he’d be with us in just
a few moments, he was gathering up his notes. Then,
he came back on, told us because of the number of people
on the call, he had us all muted and there wouldn’t be time
for any questions. He went on to deliver some great
information followed by a sales pitch.

The Problem.

It was a recording. He wasn’t really there. Now, if I
had known it would be a recording, it wouldn’t have
bothered me a bit because the information was good. But,
being led to believe it was live, being given a bit of
a smoke and mirror show, changed my perception of
the man and his products. If this teleseminar was smoke
and mirrors, are his products smoke and mirrors too? Is it
all just a slick manipulation to sell products that don’t work?
I certainly don’t want to spend money on a product that
teaches me how to be slick and deceptive.
The Moral of the Story

Seemingly harmless deceptions create a lack of trust
for customers who are quick to look elsewhere for more
trustworthy solutions.

Until next time,
Caroline Jordan
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