Wednesday, March 16, 2005

6 of 1, Half Dozen of the Other

Motivational author and speaker Jim Rohn says
that for a business to succeed it takes about a
half dozen things. Of all the millions of things
you do, it’s really that half dozen that count.

Of course, the trick is figuring out which half
dozen things to do to help your business succeed.
A while back, I sat down and did some thinking
about the half dozen things I need to do consistently
to take my business to the next level.

One of my half dozen is establishing and nurturing
relationships. Relationships are crucial for every
small business. Not only do those relationships
lead to new business opportunities (and believe
me, it’s a wonderful thing to have so many
opportunities that you can chose who you work
with and what kind of work you do), but relation-
ships are a fantastic way to limit the isolation
of small business ownership.

Isolation takes two forms. One is the isolation we
all feel from time to time being self employed. That’s
the “it’s lonely at the top” feeling we all get. Reaching
out to others relieves some of that loneliness and gives
us other points of view on how we’re running our

The other isolation is cutting ourselves off from our
customers. When you have a strong relationship with
your customers, you know what their problems and
challenges are. You can use that information to fine
tune your products and services or create new ones
to help them solve their problems.

Case in point. I’m working on a new service for
solo professionals. Some time ago, I took a really
fantastic Marketing for More seminar with Marcia

At the seminar I met a couple of executive
coaches. We struck up a friendship and have stayed
in touch. Last week, I asked them about the kinds of
services they most needed at each stage of their growing

Their input is priceless. The value will drive my business
forward for years. And it meant so much to me that
they took the time to answer my questions and that they
spent so much time thinking about things for me.

Now, we didn’t approach each other with a “what
can this person do for me?” attitude. We met, enjoyed
each others viewpoints and personalities, kept in
touch, and helped each other out. It’s that simple.

What are your “half dozen things”? What do you
need to focus on to move your business forward?
Once you figure out the half dozen, focus on them
relentlessly and watch your business grow.

Until next time,

Caroline Jordan
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