Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Small Business Marketing Resources

Small Business Resources

People often ask me for resources to help them
with marketing their businesses. For many small
business owners, marketing is a big mystery. They
know they need to market but they don’t think they
have time. And even if they did have time, they
wouldn’t know where to start.

I have two marketing experts, David Frey and Marcia
Yudkin from whom I have learned a tremendous amount.
In fact, their books and information products are fast
at hand on my desk and I refer to them often. They are
part of the reason my business has survived and thrived.
Let me introduce you.

David Frey has dominated a niche that many of us
wouldn't ever think of. He is THE marketing guy for
the spa and pool industry. He writes for the trade
journals, speaks at the conventions, and is very much
in demand.

He has three products for small businesses
that I think are great. The Small Business Marketing
Bible for all small businesses. Very in depth and an
excellent resource. The Coaches and Consultant’s
Marketing Bootcamp for anyone in a knowledge
based business. I have used this to build my business
and have had great results from his program. And his
latest product, Instant Referral Systems, where he
details more referral techniques than you can even
imagine existed.

He also has some great no cost resources at his websites.
Stop by my website to find out how to reach him.

My other favorite marketing expert is Marcia Yudkin.
She has written a ton of books, special reports, and
articles on two topics: writing and marketing. She
really shines on subjects where writing and marketing
intersect like web copy, sales letters, press
releases, etc. I took a Marketing for More seminar
with Marcia last year that totally redefined my business.
this woman is one sharp cookie and she really knows
her stuff.

She also publishes a great weekly Ezine called the
Marketing Minute. I highly recommend that you
subscribe. I have listed her contact information
at .

Let me know what resources you have used to
succeed. My goal is to make my website a one
stop total resource for small business success.

Until next time,
Caroline Jordan

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