Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm Keeping My Promises

How often do you see businesses making promises to
customers? It’s a great way to build relationships and
add value to what you do. Whether you’re promising
service after the sale of a car or complimentary
consulting time either before a sale or after, promises
can be the mortar that holds the bricks of your business

But, what really happens after the sale is made? Do
you keep your promises? Have you ever had an
experience where you tried to use a extended warranty
on a car and been made to feel that since it’s warranty
work, it’s a low priority? What happens to the promise
then? Or, you spend a bunch of money on a seminar
where you’re promised a critique or consultation as
part of the package, but when you try to collect you’re
made to feel as though you’re presuming on the
presenter’s time.

I gave this a great deal of thought as I was developing
my Cash Flow Master success system. I wanted to
include some one-on-one consulting time because I
know how useful it is to get another viewpoint on your
business. But, I didn’t want to over-promise the amount
of time I could spend and end up with disappointed
customers (or an overworked, stressed out consultant).

In the end, I decided to include the consulting time as a
bonus to the product, something I could offer until it
became too overwhelming. At that point I can offer a
different bonus in place of my time. So far, that seems
to have worked. My customers are getting what they
need without it being an overwhelming burden for me.
But, I am always mindful of the experiences I have had
with other companies who promise and either don’t
deliver or give a low priority to keeping their promises.

What promises are you making to your customers? Do
you have a good system to follow through on keeping
those promises? Promises add value to your customers
experience and their willingness to buy. Promises kept
create repeat customers and good referrals. Promises
broken or deferred leave customers feeling betrayed
and irritable.

Until next time,

Caroline Jordan
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