Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Keep Those Cards & Letters Coming

I have a neat resource for you this week. I often write about
the importance of establishing relationships with customers
and about making customers feel valued. The other day I
received a greeting card in the mail from Gail Hess, one of
the subscribers to The Jordan Result.

When I got the envelope in the mail, I thought, “Hey, someone
sent me a card!” Of course, I opened it right up. (The other mail
I got that day went directly into the trash without a second thought.)

In the card, Gail says, “I thought you would be interested in this
new Customer Relationship Marketing concept called “Send Out
Cards”…Now that everyone is online, a first class “snail mail”
card stands out. You can send out just one card or set up your
own marketing campaigns. With just a few clicks of your computer
mouse, your card is on its way!”

Let’s look at what just happened here. Gail knows me from my
newsletter. She saw a connection between what I was talking
about—customer service, and what she offers, a customer
relationship building tool. She sent me an example of that tool,
her greeting card. And I opened it. How beautiful is that? But, it
didn’t stop there. She directed me to her website and off I went.

That’s the power of making connections. Gail didn’t blindly send
me mail. And she didn’t try to “sell” me. She recognized that this
was a service I would find interesting and useful. And her format,
the greeting card, stood out in a pile of junk mail.

I can see so many applications for this—real estate agents can send
a full color picture of a house they want to sell, life coaches can
send an inspirational card, veterinarians can send condolence cards
to customers whose pets have died, insurance agents, pediatricians,
and many others can send birthday cards to their clients. Non-profits
can send thank you cards to their volunteers.

I thought it was a really cool resource so I followed up with Gail to
get more information. Here’s what she had to say:

“Send Out Cards is a print on demand greeting card company
that allows you to mail REAL full color, personalized greeting
cards from the internet, for less than a dollar each (including
first class postage.) You log onto the website, choose a card
(from a selection of over 2500 cards), enter your personal message,
enter the recipient and click send! The company prints the card,
stuffs it into the envelope, puts a first class stamp on it, and mails it.”

“Some great features of this system:
· You have the ability to upload your customer contact
list in minutes (from Outlook, Excel, etc).
· You can set up “campaigns” to send cards at specific times
to specific customers. There is also a system reminder for
Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other special dates.
· You can personalize each card (or a campaign of cards) with
a digital photo. Realtors and car dealer are sending pictures
of the new house or car to the customer. Other business owners
uploaded a coupon into the card, such as “bring this card in for
$$ off” or “use this code on. (your website) for $$ off. ” There
are endless possibilities for this feature.”

“Three Benefits:
Expanding your customer relationship marketing by using
“old fashioned snail mail” to contact and thank internet or brick
and mortar customers.
Saving time – by uploading your database and sending cards to
every client in minutes! Use the Campaign manager to set up
specific card campaigns for specific customer groups.
Maintain a special relationship with personalized greeting cards
containing your own message, signature and even a digital picture.”

If you’d like more information on this resource go to and request to send out a free greeting card. Then Gail will set up your free demo account to be able to send a card.

When you send an unexpected greeting card to someone you make
them feel very special. Maya Angelou, one of the great voices of
contemporary literature, expressed it best when she said: “People
will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people
will never forget how you made them feel.”

Until next time…Keep those cards and letters (and emails) coming!
I love to hear what you’re up to!
Caroline Jordan

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