Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pursuing the Common Good

I've been thinking a lot lately about the concept of a dual
bottom line. Usually a dual bottom line refers to a business
that concerns itself not just with profits but also with
providing jobs for a community.

My business has always been a dual bottom line business
because I am committed to donating both time and a
percentage of my profits to causes I care about.
Some businesses take that a step beyond and create
businesses whose sole (and soul) purpose is creating profits
to fund charities and good works.

Paul Newman and his partner A.E. Hotchner created
Newman's Own to do just that. Peddling spaghetti sauce
has allowed the duo to donate many millions of dollars
to causes they care about. They also created Hole
in the Wall camps all over the world to provide a summer
camp experience for kids with serious illnesses. You can
read their zany business story in a book Hotchner wrote,
entitled "Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common

I see small business owners in my community getting
involved in all sorts of good causes like helping out at
the local library, volunteering at the animal shelter,
serving on boards of trustees, donating items for
fundraisers, or making handmade blankets for kids in

The spirit of philanthropy has always been
alive and well in the small business community. As
small business owners we well know what it is like
to struggle to get by. We also know how great it feels
to bring a smile to a neighbor's face or bring a new
job in our community.

So, hats off to all those small business owners who
pursue both profits and philanthropy and who keep the
spirit of giving flourishing in all our communities.

Until next time,
Caroline Jordan
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