Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Free Cash Flow Management Resources

Focus is a vital element of small business success
and helping my clients “get focus” has always been
a key focus of my consulting practice.

Each week I send out The Jordan Result, an ezine of
practical tips and creative solutions for small business
owners, particularly self employed professionals. This
week I have added a new resource for my clients who
want more focus on cash flow issues.


Cash Flow Quick Tips, a new ezine focusing on
the critical issue of cash flow management.

According to a study done by the National Federation
of Independent Businesses, 66% of small businesses
experience cash flow problems either constantly or
occasionally. Another study shows that 82% of small
businesses that fail have owners who don’t understand
cash flow management.

Cash Flow Quick Tips is designed to combat that
problem. I guess you could call me a Cash Flow
Crusader. I want every business owner to discover
the secrets of successful Cash Flow Mastery. It is my
personal and business goal to help 50,000 small business
owners learn the skills they need to master the art
and science of cash flow management.

To achieve that goal, I have added several free resources
to your Cash Flow Arsenal:

Cash Flow Quick Tips:
Get it here:

Cash Flow Mini Course—discover the 4 reasons
businesses have cash flow problems:
Get it here:

Cash Master Checklist—helps you find the leaky
spots in your Cash Flow Boat:
Get it here:

Come join me in my crusade to help small
business owners “Get Cash Flow Knowledge.
Get Cash Flow Focus. And Get Cash Flow

To your success!
Caroline Jordan
Get Knowledge. Get Focus. Get Results.
The Jordan Result

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