Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Please Consider This...

As the news continues flashing picture after picture of the devastation by Hurricane Katrina, our neighbors in Mississippi and Louisiana are fighting for their lives. Stripped of most of the essentials of life, the survivors of this storm face huge hurdles just getting through the day. As the flood waters begin to recede and people are able to return to what used to be their homes, the devastation will truly begin to sink in.

Not only are their homes gone, but their businesses and workplaces are gone, too. They will face not only personal devastation but economic devastation as well. Large companies like Walmart will be able to rebuild, other companies will have insurance coverage for their losses that will allow them to rebuild in time. But for many small businesses, Katrina will be the final nail in the coffin.

Small businesses operate close to the edge without a safety net. Many small businesses have no insurance coverage for this type of loss and few have the reserves they should have to help them through even the smallest bumps in the road.

Katrina’s wake leaves behind death, devastation and despair. I ask you to help bring the light of hope back to our neighbors by making a donation to the American Red Cross ( or the Salvation Army ( Even the smallest donation can provide fresh drinking water or a meal for a family.

To my clients and newsletter subscribers in Louisiana and Mississippi: When services are restored, I hope you will find this heartfelt message and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Please be in touch.

Until next time, when we have more cheerful news…
Caroline Jordan