Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Girl Scout Leader Was Right!

One of the points I always stress in my business is
the importance of relationships. In fact, it’s very
difficult to build a business without building relationships
every step of the way. Having a good relationship with
your accountant, lawyer, other business owners,
customers, vendors and employees leads to many
new opportunities.

For example, your accountant not only provides you with
business advice but is also a potential source of referrals.
I often have accounting and consulting clients ask me,
“Do you know anyone who…” The same is true of your
lawyer, your doctor, your employees, and your friends
who also own businesses. We regularly ask people we
know for advice and recommendations for any number
of things.

The underlying factor in all our dealings with each other
is our relationships. When my clients run into a business
problem, they know they can pick up the phone and call
me. They’re not calling my company, The Jordan Result.
They’re calling me, Caroline Jordan, a real live human
being who they know and trust. The relationship is incredibly
valuable to me as a human being and as a business owner.

Business philosopher Jim Rohn talks about “6 things” being
the key to business success. He says that every business
has just six things they need to concentrate on to become
successful…of course, the trick is figuring out what those
6 things are for YOUR business. At the top of my “6 things”
list is relationships. Without my ever growing circle of
friends, colleagues, and contacts, I would not have the
level of success that I do. And boy have I met some really
great people over the years!

One of those great people is Denise O’Berry who consults
with small businesses and has a wide range of products
and services for small business owners. I met Denise
through her RYZE forum MYOB. I have posted articles
and answered posts from small business owners on her
forum. Some of you became subscribers to this newsletter
because you found me through Denise’s forum.

Denise started a Small Business Bootcamp with online
courses to help small business owners. I joined on as a
faculty member and offered a course on (of course!) small
business cash flow. We started contributing to each other’s

Recently Denise was approached by a big publishing house
and asked if she would write a book on small business cash
flow. Of course she said yes! And then she emailed me and
asked if she could interview me for her book. Of course I
said yes! So, because of the relationship Denise and I have
built, Yours Truly will be appearing between the covers of a
book coming to a bookstore near you next fall. How much
do you think that will add to my success and to Denise’s?

When I first started my business, I was very much “all
business”. People were paying me to get results so I put my
nose to the grindstone and got the job done. But the point
where my business started to really succeed was when I
took my nose off the grindstone and took the time to talk to
my clients and get to know them. Now, I won’t take on a
client unless I think we can have fun working together. The
relationship is what makes what I do worth it.

My relationships have helped my business and greatly
enriched my life. Back when I was a Girl Scout, we had this
song we always sang, “Make new friends, but keep the old,
one is silver and the other’s gold.” I didn’t know it then, but
I was learning a valuable life lesson and a valuable business
lesson as well.

Until next time,

Caroline Jordan
Get Knowledge. Get Focus. Get Results.
The Jordan Result